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Hearing Aids for Cape May Court House & Linwood, NJ

Hearing tests are essential in detecting the amount of harm caused to hearing. At Cape May County Hearing Aid Dispensary, located in Cape May Court House, New Jersey, we offer free hearing tests.

Evaluation & Treatment

During our free hearing tests, we ask that you wear either headphones or earbuds and a small bone oscillator behind your ears to listen to sounds at different loudness levels and at different pitches.

You will also be asked to repeat lists of words or phrases at different levels of loudness. Part of our standard hearing tests is to assess how well you understand speech at the appropriate levels. This is called speech discrimination or word recognition. The information gained from this test determines the right hearing aid for your needs.

Person Adjusting Hearing Aid — Hearing Testing in Cape May Court House, NJ
Inserting Hearing Aid — Hearing Need in Cape May Court House, NJ

Hearing & Selection

All hearing aid decisions should be made only with the advice of an experienced hearing professional. If you are currently wearing a hearing aid and would like to upgrade or replace it, please make an appointment with one of our licensed hearing heath care professionals.


Regardless of where you purchased your hearing aids, we have the capabilities to repair all makes and models. Minor repairs are done in our lab while major repairs are performed off-site and require 7–10 days. Loaners are available at no extra charge. We also offer a senior citizen discount.
Contact us to learn more about our evaluation and testing for a pair of hearing aids.